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Penis skin allergies – causes and solutions

Reddened, swollen and itchy penis skins are no joke, and this can be an alarming experience. Many men have panicked over the appearance of the dry and irritated skin of the penis, concluding that they have suffered from a socially spread disease. In fact, in many cases, red and swollen skin is the only consequence of the penile skin allergy. Undesirable reactions to environmental irritants are common, but with proper penis skin care they must be short-lived and not cause permanent damage.

Symptoms of skin allergy in the penis

Reactions to irritant skin are usually: dermatitis, inflammatory condition resulting in redness, swelling and intense itching. After contact with the allergen, skin may spread and / or dry, scaly. Men with darker skin may find that the area of ​​the area is lighter than the surrounding fabric.

Side effects may occur almost instantly or within a few hours after exposure. Scratching the affected area is unlikely to increase itching and damage the surface of the skin, causing bleeding, stinging and further irritation, which contributes to continuous discomfort. If urinary tract or penis is affected, painful urination may also occur

Possible causes of dermatitis

A wide variety of environmental irritants may affect contact dermatitis. These include everyday materials such as laundry detergents and fabric softeners, bath soaps and other personal care products. Some men may be allergic to certain tissues and may experience undesirable reactions in lingerie or other nylon, wool or latex-containing garments (often used in stretch materials).

The latex condom is also a common cause of allergy to the penis skin; In addition, the contact of the skin of the sexual partner with allergen may lead to dermatitis. Men outdated in the open may accidentally come into contact with plants such as poison ivy or poison oak, also known as skin rash, inflammation and severe itching.

Reduction of allergic reactions

It is not always possible to avoid all irritants, but certain precautions can be taken to avoid dermatitis-susceptible men avoid exposure to the most reactive substances. For example, washing laundry after thorough washing can help remove detergent traces. Mild natural detergent such as olive oil soap is less likely to cause irritation than usual soaps and enamels and wearing cotton or silk clothing near the skin. Men who have latex allergy should choose latex-free condoms. It is important to note that even those who did not have side effects latex can trigger sensitivity over time, therefore men who have allergic symptoms should stop using them and seek alternative.

should take respiratory symptoms in addition to the skin reaction, seek medical attention immediately to avoid potentially life threatening scenarios. People who are in contact with a known allergy should flush the area thoroughly as soon as possible to minimize exposure. Symptoms such as itchy penis skins, redness and inflammation that do not decrease during one day should be seen as a doctor to determine the exact cause.

Care of the Skin of the Penis

If an allergic reaction occurs, immediate relief is a relief. Scratching the area is a bad idea, but as mentioned above, it is recommended to remove the affected skin to remove allergen traces. Applying cold pressing to the area or soaking in the oat bath can also aid itching and burning

Natural moisturizing such as shea butter can help to induce irritation and redness while high-quality nutrients (most a specialist in Man1 Man Oil) accelerates healing and helps prevent scarring and improves the overall appearance of the skin of the penis

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