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Pet Bird allergy – 5 curious facts about allergies and birds

Bird allergies are the number one allergic animal that is related to the pet. Yet, more than 6 million households in the United States have one or more pet birds. If you are one of those who have opened a home and have bird-related allergies, there are 5 facts about what you can do to help.

Does every bird cause allergies? All birds and other warm-blooded animals are potentially triggering allergies. Often the protein in the dander or the dead skin, saliva, urine and faeces can cause symptoms that cause sneezing, coughing, water, eyes, runny nose and congestion. These symptoms are not for everyone who has birds, only for those whose body is sensitive to allergens for whatever reason. And if you are allergic and you can not find a new home for the bird, you should take proactive steps to increase the permanent production of the allergen.

Will the bird help you with bathing? Filling a bird will help you remove the amount of droppings to fly when the bird retains, shakes, flies, bends with its wings, or plays in a cage or outside. But before you start bathing, be sure to consult your bird veterinarian about the frequency of bathing and the products you want to use.

The decor that I choose in the bird's room is the difference? Dander is invisible to the human eye, but for large particles such as feathers, bird powders, curtain curtains, carpets and even the walls. Try the carpet on linoleum, tile or other easy to clean surface. Washable or cleansed carpets can be used to soften the effect. Replace curtains with vertical shadows that reduce the amount of particles and make it easier to clean. And use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that will trap and do not dust particles.

Will cleaning really make a difference? There will be a huge difference in both your and your bird's health. The paper at the bottom of the cage should be replaced with fresh paper every day. Water should be changed as often as necessary to keep it fresh and prevent the growth of mold (and spores into the air) and prevent the bird from getting moldy. The floor must be vacuum cleaned daily, walls and floors should be wiped weekly and the cage must be cleaned at least once a month. The more clear you keep the bird room, the less allergens that are likely to cause you and the bird's problems.

Is there anything to get rid of the dander in the air? Dander is a constant problem because production is a very normal process for a healthy bird. But you can reduce damping to a low enough level to avoid over-blowing symptoms by using a high-efficiency particulate filter (abbreviated as HEPA) air purifier. These high performance detergents are designed to remove particles as small as micron 3, and since the bird dander is larger than that, it can easily trap this filter.

Air purification also removes other airborne launchers, such as household dust, dust, mold and mold dust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses that may also irritate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

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