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Possible risks of wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are safer than before. They are less flexible and more comfortable to wear than early contact lenses. They allow many people who need visual acuity to visualize their glasses and show their beautiful eyes to the world. However, contact lenses pose a potential hazard to wearers of contact lenses.

Eye irritation

Some people cause eye irritation due to wearing contact lenses. Symptoms may include discomfort, itching or burning sensation, excessive tearing, sparking sensation (such as sand particles scratching the surface of your eye) and / or excessive redness. Eye irritation may cause pain, swelling, blurred vision and may ever cause eye disease or corneal ulceration.

If your eyes are irritated by wearing contact lenses, remove the lenses immediately and do not put them back. Immediately contact your specialist and take your lenses with you if the specialist wants to look at them to help you find the cause of the eye irritation.

Other Serious Dangers

Wearing contact with any type of eye irritation may lead to more serious problems. These include eye infections, pink eyes and corneal ulceration (open wounds in the outer layer of the cornea).

According to the Food and Drug Administration, steps can be taken to reduce serious risks.

  • Replace the contact lenses container every 3 to 6 months.
  • Always clean and disinfect your lens properly
  • Never use contact lenses again. When storing lenses, always use a fresh solution. Never use distilled or tap water to store or clean contact lenses. Distilled water and tap water are NOT sterile! (By the same method, saliva is NOT acceptable for cleaning the lenses!)
  • Remove the contacts before swimming or bedtime. Although certain types of contact lenses have proven to be safe sleep, this may increase the likelihood of eye irritation and infections.
  • Use Sensitive and Safe Contact Lenses

    If you are worn with precautions and good hygienic care, contact lenses can be safely and comfortably provided. Be sure to follow the advice of your ophthalmologists regarding the cleaning, disinfection and storage of the lenses. Also, wear contact only as prescribed.

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