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Presentation of Vision

This is one of the most troublesome for the competences to describe, as our language is rather short words that describe the totality of vision or gestalt. It is inevitable that we are talking about some kind of aspect or attribute because we are talking about the upcoming idea, which almost sounds meaningless. Regardless of the fact that we still need to be aware of different aspects, we are deliberately working to expand our understanding.

Vision is classically regarded as the mental image of the future. Here we begin by first understanding that language simultaneously limits and liberates. While vision has included the whole picture, it is sometimes easier and more convenient to talk about just one aspect. However, by focusing on only one aspect, we may inadvertently make sure that the aspect we have is vision.

This can only be started with the term "vision". If we look at the definition of the word, we will see that it can refer to the ability to see it as "vision" and "existing mental image". Among the goals, the "mental picture of the future" is more common. All of these are useful and certainly represent aspects of vision.

The term "vision" refers to the connotations of the word used by everyday use. This raises the point of view of the image or the visual image and is very often used to refer to the future. However, when we talk about being able to transform through inspiration, we understand the ability that we call "vision" that goes beyond the representation system and time. The good news is that you can still use the term and that it is less important for others to understand the difference. However, it is essential for a leader to understand these visions.

In this work, we strive for a much stronger and more diversified use, which means the concept of "what is possible" as anything else. We are talking about exemplary leaders, and one of the common things we hear is that one has "a vision" or they will see where we are going. All in all, this is essential to creating positive changes. Ultimately, however, we want to live in the vision and add to the positive attributes. We want to reach. The competency described here is more than just a way of seeing reality that you can accomplish. This allows us to see the viewing angle begin to manifest this vision.

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