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Pug allergy and allergic reactions – Haa Choo!

When the beekeeper starts normal operation and shows allergic reactions, it can be very scary! Pugs may contain both internal and external allergic reactions that may be astonishing to figure out what they are. These allergic reactions include vomiting, diarrhea, urticaria, lethargy, sneezing and whistling. Unfortunately, all of these can be life-threatening.

About six months ago was a normal day at home when the blue of our Mug, Martini, began to vomit. They were worried, but they were not overly concerned because otherwise Martini was normal. We also noticed a red bump on his face. We decided that we almost looked as if he thought he was doing something bad, he could be into a uterus, or he could have had an allergic reaction in the air.

During the day he will vomit and mostly rest. We were worried, and we decided to boil a chicken breast with a little rice to see if it would calm his stomach. The rice was left to hydrate and chopped the chicken into small pieces. Our vet advised to feed Martini this meal when the stomach is nervous, but unusual. He ate the food and rested some.

Later in the night the things turned worse. Martini suddenly developed large hives on her whole body and continued to vomit. We called for the 24-hour ER Vetinary Service and we were told that Martini would give a Benadryl (1 mg / pound) every six months. We were also advised to make cool compacts on her body and if she could not get her to do it right away. We did it and waited to see if our little puggle would be better.

My dear and devoted husband, Eric, Martini stayed all night to make sure she did not have to run. Her body was packed in cool rags and clashed with her. Hives dropped and vomiting stopped. The next morning, we took our vet to a vet who gave him a Cortisone and advised us to keep Benadryl in their hands on such occasions.

Our veterinarian could not tell what caused the allergic reaction, and we will probably never know. Give us another advice that we will never forget, and it's better safe, I'm sorry! Pug allergies and allergic reactions can be fatal, so if you have any doubt, take the poocot to the doctor. They can handle drugs and liquids to keep Pugs alive, and the puppies will get it by the quick healing!

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