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Quick short facts about Bifocal glasses

Recently more and more young people suffer from visual impairment. As a result, the need for bifocal reading eyes is high. The glasses, together with the lenses, are among the most innovative products to date. Their function is very valuable as they are tools that help people to see it clearly and comfortably. Comparing with contact lenses, eyeglasses provide greater comfort to people aged 40 and over.

Origin of Bifocals

As its name indicates, the eyewear is eyeglasses with two different optical strengths. It is for people who have symptoms of myopia or astigmatism. The glasses were designed around 1760. First, developed or used by Benjamin Franklin, an American statesman and investor. At this time, Benjamin suffered from presbyopia and short sighting. This encouraged her to create her own glasses.

Bifocal Advantages

Eyeglasses are designed to enable a user to focus on a particular subject, whether far or near. Presbyopia is a condition in which a person suffers from focusing on heavier objects that are far and wide. Eyeglasses provide a simple transition through focusing from distant objects to nearby objects. There are two lenses on the lenses. The upper part is expected to assist long distance vision while the lower part enlarges the objects. With these lenses, you do not need two glasses because the glasses give you everything you need.

Styles and Design

Eyeglasses are available in many different styles and designs and feature high quality fashion stores, local ophthalmic centers, and even online. These eyewear is also available for men and women. They are available for classic female frames or thick metal frames. Styles can vary between retro and modern style. A great example is tinted reading glasses that are bifocal. They basically offer four-way design, depending on how the lenses are embedded.

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