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Raging mood

The mood setting needs careful planning, from room lighting to the colors you choose and the accessories you are using. Scented candles distinguish the world when living space is transformed into exotic escape.

From ribbons to tea lights and jellies to jars, scented candles are available in various shapes, colors and sizes for any room or any kind of ambiance. Here are some examples of what scented candles can do. Home warmth

Home baking fragrances are able to deliver childhood days from time to time when my mom had hot apple cakes in the oven or a fresh cake. Somehow these odors refer to the feeling of safety and security.

Place candles around the house such as French vanilla, warm cinnamon, brown sugar and candied apples to inspire the same home feeling.

An Ocean Escape

Enable your ability to land tropical for your room with the coconut, pineapple, mango, watermelon and citrus aromas. Before you help Bob Marley melodies in your mind.

Garden Holiday

The elegance of photographed candles can not only fill your home with a delicious scent of nature, but you can also increase your garden space. Regardless of whether you want to bathe your terrace in decadent candlelight or love the smell of your favorite garden in the interior, you can find the decorated candles that will perfectly mimic your favorite flora and fauna.

Immerse yourself in rich fern smells or wild jasmine. Walk in the woods, smelled of leaves from oak, fir, wild lime and clover.

Or sit in a juicy, hydrangea, freesia, orchid and purple stuffed sunny garden. Combine the scents with fresh fruits, such as citrus fruits, and invigorating scents that ignite the senses.

The Romantic Interlude

The soft light of candles enhanced by impressive aromas sets its most intimate moments. Rich musk and patchouli, cloves, rose petals and the less elegant, yet the same interesting sandalwood glitter. The generosity of such sensuous aromas is annoying.

Update nursery

Various candles are specially designed to eradicate odors. A strategically placed candle near the changing table or the diaper can only make the child's room feel fresh and new.

You can add a wonderful scent of a bobber to candles, just like a real scent.


Some fragrance is just good for your physical and mental well-being. Eucalyptus, mint and sage not only refresh your mind, but also help to cleanse the sine. Use these scented candles to protect yourself from allergy symptoms or to clean your head when it is cold.

Candle Sensation

When deciding where to place the candles or how many you are using, consider the other design elements you are using. If you have a soft light or you place the candles in a light room, you only need one or two to cut the scent.

However, if you use full romance or candle in a dark place, you can choose to place many candles in the room – sometimes dozens or more.

Always remember to place the candles in areas where you will not accidentally knock. Designed specifically for your candles, a flat solid surface or durable brackets that are firmly fixed to your wall are the best bets. Do not place them where the flame can not ignore fabrics or curtains, and never leave candles unattended.

Make sure there is enough air flow around the candle but do not light the candle. As a result, the candle starts flashing and soot is formed.

After burning the candle, cut the candle on the thumb. When you light up the candle for the first time, burn an hour for each centimeter of the candle diameter. For example, the first combustion with a 4 "candle would be four hours

This initial combustion ensures that the scanned candle burns evenly and continues to deliver the most efficacious fragrance, burn off the center, inhibit the scent of the room

The candle just use a ballpoint pen to discharge it and simply blow off the smoke and disrupt the smell that it has been trying to reach in its room

A great alternative to burning candles is the use of a scent, a fragrant wax or small, scented scented wax forms, melt in the pool and for hours Enjoy the burners and throw away a large amount of scent so you can easily create the mood with minimal effort

For whatever mood you want to create, try this tantalizing way to capture the power of home odor around the various combinations find the perfect scent to take the smoke in the night air.

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