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Ravensara Essential Oil – Aromatherapy

In Australia, miracle essential oil is tea tree oil and Madagascar, the country of the African continent, the Ravensara essential oil is the "all healing" essential oil. Botanical name Ravensara aromatic tall tree with very aromatic roots. But its leaves are the source of essential oil. Normally, the Ravensara leaves are distilled to make this sweet and fruity oil with forest, almost eucalyptus-like strips.

Its use in aromatherapy began in Madagascar years ago, where traditional medicine men and women have always taken care of their abundant care. In fact, almost every household in Madagascar contains one or two Ravensara oil in its medicine box. Although there is not a wide range of documentation on flavor therapeutic properties, since traditional doctors in Madagascar usually do not produce written records, the oral tradition is very alive and dynamic.

Ravensara essential oil is the choice for treating shingles, also known as herpes zoster. In fact, when the shingles break out, it is strongly recommended that the affected areas be gently massaged. It is a very powerful and powerful anti-virus that strikes the main causes of shingles. One of the side effects of shingles is pain. Each outbreak is very painful that patients usually have a strong analgesia to relieve pain. Ravensara oil is also an analgesic to counteract the pain caused by shingles.

Warm and slightly spicy fragrance said to help with depression and mood problems. For centuries, it relaxes both the mind and the muscles, raises those who feel and give a certain hope and new energy. Some people say that they have a certain feeling of joy and hope, especially when they are depressed or sad.

Ravensara essential oil is more effective with other essential oils such as pine, thyme, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, grapefruit, mandarin and other essential oils. Combinations are often used in aromatherapy to make a stronger oil in the following: respiratory support, depression and lethargy support, and even muscle relaxation. It is ideal for massage because both muscles and nerves relax and reassure the whole body.

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