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Red Dye Allergy – What's the whole controversy?

Do you know what color is red? Yes, of course, this is a food coloring. But what else do you know about it? Do you know there is a controversy rampant around him? Some doctors say this is a purely benign addiction, but parents found that their children experience unhealthy results from their consumption.

So what is the red dye? Red dye or red 40, as commonly known, is a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved colorant that is added to many foods. In general, we do not even realize that many of our foods are artificially colored. And this is not just food; Many medications are also colored.

How was it made? Venezuela and Saudi Arabia pumped out of oil from the ground.

Why is there an addition? The belief that food and drugs make it more attractive. For example, people like to have sweet red apples, strawberries or other red fruits. Their minds are convinced that if a food or medicine is red, it is fine and good for us too. Often, the products in their original form are not necessarily appetizing and the Red 40 is a highly cost-effective way of achieving beautiful color. Something with the consumer is very important.

Is this safe? When the FDA first approved it, there was a lot of fear that it could cause tumors and cancers. In fact, a scientist cited a study that showed that the animal feeding on the Red 40 would be very sick and the combination of Red or other preservatives would kill him. It later proved to be no cancer, but I did not hear any follow-up studies that caused or denied animal disease. But the FDA says it's safe? This is happening, but he also said that Viox was safe (causing heart attacks and stroke) and Paxil was safe (increased concern in adolescents, suicide) and many others; all of which have been removed from the market. Remember, the FDA is a underfinanced organization. The fees charged by it are charged to testing companies. Products. This money offers entrepreneurs and, in many cases, relays for companies their own test procedures.

Does the Red 40 cause problems in children? Many doctors insist that any change in behavior can not be attributed to this dye. They point to the sugar debate. Many parents will demonstrate that their children will be extremely hyperactive after they consume large quantities. These doctors claim that there is no evidence that the sugar would have an adverse effect. And just as with many sugars, parents can see changes in their children after consuming a product containing 40. After some of the results, some doctors eventually come out.

Does red paint really affect such children? Dr. Robert Needlman says "1 out of every 100 people who are clearly more active and uncontrollable" when eating an artificial diet, including the red 40. But the majority of the evidence is anecdotal. Many parents can tell what their children can do. I can tell what my son is doing. There are some reactions these parents describe.

What does 'scrutiny' mean? Kids can react to Red 40 in many ways, including increased temperaments, increased hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, veritable crying and screams, kicking, nervousness, and other things. Physically they can cause headaches or feel bad after they have something to eat. Adults feel bad or get migraines.

How can you figure out the child's reaction to the Red 40? This is easy. Observe the child's usual behavior. Are there tortures? Notice how violent it is. Look at the other out-of-control behaviors listed above. Then feed him a juice with a red in it 40; there are many different markets on the market. The reaction may take place within minutes. Is your usual annoyance intensified? More and more violent? Patient? Needlman thinks this kind of testing is safe. If I see my son reacting to him, I do not have to agree completely.

Why do not people believe all these things? Probably because they did not see "scientific evidence" to support these problems. Most of what we read anecdotes were told by parents or people who experienced this from first hand. The initial reaction of people is to blame parents for "poor parenting" or misleading "normal" occurrences. The problem is that they have not observed a child (or adult) who responds to the Red 40. When I describe my son's reaction to humans, each of them tends to frighten me until they actually see that this can happen to him; they understand.

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