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Regain Your Eyesight Naturally and Have Perfect Eyesight

I hate to be the one who tells you this … but the truth is, most of the things you know about eyesight are dead wrong. I know. I was just like you not so long ago, frustrated with having to wear glasses every day or I can not see a single thing (I was -5.00 myopic). I was not able to see where my friend was when we go to the beach because obviously you can not wear your glasses into the sea. I was not able to wear sunglasses when I was a teen because I could not afford a prescription sunglasses

Not only that … Headache would set in every now and then I could not explain it

All that changed when I learned the truth. I learned that glasses are not only unnecessary if you want to stop your eyesight from deteriorating, it actually contributes to the problem. Think about it.

Your glasses are made for you to see things that are relatively further than what you would normally see in a day to day activity … like reading books and looking at the monitor. This difference causes strain and headaches. As soon as I reduce the use of my glasses I notice a significant improvement on the headaches I've been having since I was 11 years old!

This difference also causes your eyesight to deteriorate further because your eye muscles would have to contract harder for you to see close distance objects. As the time goes by, this contraction becomes permanent and thus chronic – or in other words, you can no longer control it.

It's just like a backache where you back muscles contract involuntarily.

Fortunately for me, I found a solution that works. Believe me when I tell you this is the only thing that works. I've tried it all – including lasik – only to have my eyesight deteriorated worse than it was before the surgery. And, uh, it comes with the nasty side effect of dry eyes.

The solution I'm talking about are "eye exercises". While it's called "exercises", it's really a way to help your eyes learn how to relax. The exercises allow you to relearn the correct way to see by simple repetition. As long as you do it everyday, it's inevitable your vision will improve.

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