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Repair your glasses with household items

Sometimes when you buy new glasses or order glasses online, the frames are in the wrong shape. Over time, your glasses can twist or a screw can relax. Every time something slips, turns, or feels wrong, you may face the eye doctor's office. No one wants to spend this time to potentially fix the frame unless you really need it! Anyway, what if you get new glasses? Then you have to fight for an optician's pressure that says it's time for an exam to just say you can wear the same recipe. While some issues, such as fracture, justify an immediate journey to the ophthalmologist, others do not. Here's a quick guide to simple fixes for household items

First, if your glasses break in any way, shape or form – go to your ophthalmologist's office to get them. Your glasses are not useful to you if you don't see them properly. This includes scratches or gaps affecting your lenses.

No expensive sprays for normal cleaning. In fact, you should not use chemicals on your lenses! This means no expensive window cleaners, no sprays that clean the lenses, the TV and the computer screen, and do not clean all the targets! What can you use? Vinegar and water! No more, no less. For quick cleaning, mix three parts of water with a particle vinegar in a spray bottle. Gently mix the two and then gently spray the glasses. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off dirt, dust, and dirt. It's just that simple.

What about frames? Even the most expensive group of glasses frames can cause some problems. One such problem is loose screws. If the temples are a little loose, just take a small flat head or diamond head screwdriver and gently tighten the screw while the glasses are in the open position. After trying to close the stems, he begins to feel that the wrist strap is tight. If the screw is too tight, the stem may break, so just loosen one smidge. If you notice that the screw is loose again, repeat the process, but tighten the nail polish with a clean screw. The Polish will work as an adhesive without damaging the frames. Metal frames can be bent and shaped more easily than plastic frames. If the frames do not adjust slightly, run the frame under warm water and gently fold it back into place. If the frame is dramatically bent, ask your optician to repair them. Using the same method, you can set the temples with hot water, but be careful! If you straighten the temples too much, they will endanger them if you fall off your face.

Here you are! Three simple household repairs for some common specifications glasses problem! Keep in mind that some problems require immediate attention while others are easy to record at home. Worse, worse, you can always exchange frames and buy glasses on the Internet for less than the doctor can charge for broken frames.

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