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Respiratory Allergies – 8 Special Symptoms and Causes

What is respiratory allergy? We all asked this question. We are all concerned, either in the summer or in the cleaning of our bases. These allergic reactions are those that affect the organs and the respiratory tract that help to breathe. In this article, I share some specific symptoms and causes for this sensitive condition.

For allergic people, the thing is that they are too sensitive to certain things that most people have no problem with. This includes pollen from plants, molds, dust, cockroaches and foodstuffs.

If the sensitive person comes into contact with the sensitive allergen, the immune system emits a large amount of chemical substances called histamine. A large amount of this histamine is caused by tissue replacement or inflammation or tightening of the muscles.


Some people are allergic to different things. One person may be allergic to pollen, someone else may be sensitive to something.
2) Wet or red eyes
3) Cough
4) Sneezing
5) Oral irritability
6) Shortness of breath
8 Airways that are narrowed and swollen (extreme cases – anaphylactic shock)

Common Allergies with Respiratory Intervention: [1] Hay Fever – Over the World. Fiber fever usually occurs in the summer from the pollen, for example grass or even flowers.

2) Food and Drug Allergies – From these situations, you can eat things like fish and shellfish. Generally, it causes stomach or even skin reactions and breathing problems. Drugs can also cause problems. Sometimes it may be possible to react with hazelnuts, milk or eggs.

3) Insect Allergy – Insects like cockroaches are one of the main causes of the problems. This is usually done in cities. It also affects children in large urban towns. Bees' spots, for example, may be very dangerous for people who are too sensitive.

4) Allergic Asthma – Asthma is a rapidly growing disease throughout the country. This problem is one of the main causes of hospital admissions for children every year. Causes of respiratory allergies:

1) Family history
2) Exposure to air pollution
3) Exposed to some workplace
4) Used smoke
5) Some health conditions – would be


The best way to avoid attack is to prevent allergy. At times it's not always easy. You can place pets in another room, where not every time. Make sure you clean your home regularly to avoid dust. Make sure you do not spend a lot of time in wet places. That will surely make it. If the problem gets worse, make sure you have a doctor or pharmacist.

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