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Smartphone uses effects for sleep, famine, and circadian rhythm

Some symptoms of using smartphones include some eye pain and headaches. However, further concerns about the use of smartphones are the adverse effects of blue light rays on the eyes. We all know the importance of sleep to the eye. Not just sleep improves our health from an emotional, intellectual, and physical point of view, but a good night's sleep can also contribute to a properly functioning visual system.

This is due to the fact that when we do not get quality night sleep, the eye's health suffers. But did you know that there is actually a relationship between our exposure to blue light rays at a given time of the day that could disturb the normal circadian rhythm of our body? What is the circadian rhythm of the body? According to national sleep, the circadian rhythm refers to a 24 hour internal clock that basically regulates its normal sleep cycle. These include periods of drowsiness and alertness at regular intervals. In other words, it is like an internal clock that tells when to get up and when to retire and determine our sleep patterns. For example, some people in certain times during the day, for example, in the morning of 4 to 6 hours of experience cycles associated with low energy. These low energy levels often involve afternoon periods when people feel in the afternoon, day afternoon, between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm. Then, after energy consumption, this high energy peak is about 6 hours. This may vary depending on the daily schedule, as some are night owls, while others are people in the morning.

Why is it important to maintain good circadian rhythm? This is due to the fact that this 24 hour clock determines the pattern of sleep and awakening. It also regulates body functions and hormone levels. If your circadian rhythm is interrupted, you may experience problems such as sleep disorders, such as insomnia, and this may cause problems with your eyes. For example, lack of sleep may cause dry eyes and lack of moisture in the eyelid may lead to eye problems with light sensitivity, blurred vision, redness, and tiredness.

Did you know that before sleep smartphone use, sleep can really disrupt the body's normal circadian rhythm? In fact, this is due to the fact that smartphones emit blue light rays that affect cells in our eyes by communicating with the brain to have time to wake up. As a result, it signals a reaction to vigilance in the brain, which can actually lead to sleep deprivation and may thus remain late at night.

Additionally, sleep technicians reject the use of smartphones before they fall asleep that blue light from such devices reduces the natural production of the body to the sleeping hormone called melatonin. This is an important hormone that helps to get a good night's sleep. It also stimulates healthy sleep patterns and helps us maintain the normal circadian rhythm.

So, what's the solution to this problem? Well, if it is very difficult to avoid using the smartphone before going to bed, try to wear special glasses that damage blue light while accessing such devices. Studies have shown that people who wear special glasses such as blue-eyed orange glasses continue to maintain healthy circadian rhythm and still have a healthy melatonin sleeping hormone level in their system


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