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Soy Candles and Aromatherapy

In one form or another, we use aromas in certain aspects of our daily lives, whether it is introduced into our skin care products, our foods, etc. However, the difference between the beneficial and fragrant varieties is a huge difference in the quality, structure and smell of the products.

Aromatherapy uses the healing and wellness origin of plant extracts and essential oils. For example, ecological / top quality candles have become all the rage in recent years as rediscovering essential oils.

The history of healing aromas and aromatherapy is profound, with thousands of years of using Egyptians and Chinese in the early age and growing culture.

The first steps on this journey are very simple. The difference between the healthy odor and aroma used for perfumes is the ingredients used. For example; paraffin and soy. Paraffin is a synthetic base used in candles, is not healthy for you or for the environment but is widely used because it is cheap. However, soy is no toxin-free, and therefore does not contain any pollutants or carcinogens that result in a cleaner combustion process. Soybean candles hold up to 50% more of paraffin, so although soy candles are a little more expensive, let alone in the long run they get better value for money. Plus soy based candles are environmentally friendly and do not allow toxins / carcinogens into the environment, as opposed to paraffin candles, as they contain soot and oil. Just like everything else in the world, good and bad, cheap and expensive, and more often you do not get what you pay for and I think you get a little extra pay for the healthier and more natural candles. they are happier, knowing that they promote a healthy life, have better environmental choices, and buy much less of these candles than traditional (cheap) because they last longer.

Soybeans are made from hydrogenated soybean oil. The wax is melted and mixed with essential oils and stained a special dye for coloring the wax. After everything has been mixed up, then they go into the desired container and leave the setting. Add the mucus in the end as soon as the wax cools and waxes! Ready to use.

It's natural to go, I promise you will not regret it.

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