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Strabismus can be cured with eye muscle exercises – Strabismus Vision Therapy

With appropriate eye surgery, the symptoms of strabismus can be greatly reduced or even cured by training our eyes to relax and work together. Strabism, commonly referred to as a crossword or lazy, is basically described as the accessibility of both eyes to work together on an object. Fortunately, the condition can be eliminated by artificial lenses, such as glasses or contact.

In order to see things clearly, we need both eyes to focus on the object. If we try too hard, it can look at our eyes and lead to imagination, which can be very damaging. We call it a cross eye when one eye focuses and the other turns out or slightly up or down. Lazy eyes are when one eye lasts longer to catch the other.

Strabism is often caused by a subconscious problem. Stress can cause the muscles of the eyes to be tense and strained. If the muscles in our eyes are too tense, our eyes can work independently of each other and one or the other can simply draw in any direction if you feel it. Internal confusion can hide one eye.

One of the ways we can solve the problem of strabism is to rest our eyes. One of its tasks is the so-called word practice. Find a word on a page that is 5 or more letters long and focus on trying to clarify it. You will find that the more you look at the word, the less clear and obscure.

Then relax your eyes, let them float in the general part of the word and follow the letters. Keep in mind that it normally blinks. Leave your eyes to guide the way, do not force them or look at it. You have to find that the word is much clearer now that you have allowed your eyes to stay motionless and relax. Keeps your eyes in motion, which protects them from tension.

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