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Symptoms of Sun Allergy

Allergic reactions to the sun are quite rare. However, they may be warned if they know what symptoms they are looking for. Daily allergies belong to 4 common types, each with its own symptoms. Therefore, it is best to discuss the symptoms with their relative type.

1) Polymorphic PM (PMLE) is the most common and affects 10-15% or the population. In all competitions, women are more concerned with men than men. Symptoms appear in early adulthood and include: neck, upper chest, arms, and legs on the neck, chest, arms, and legs during the first 2 hours of exposure and may last up to 2-3 days. Coldness, headache and nausea can also be experienced. Treatments include the use of cold water in the affected area. You can check itching with anti-histamine.

2) Actinic Prurigo (Hereditary PMLE) is very similar to PMLE although the symptoms are limited to the face, especially the lips. It appears to appear in childhood or teenage years. Symptoms are the same as PMLE.

3) Photoallergic eruptions affect skin chemicals. Examples of things that can trigger it: sunscreen, cosmetics, fragrance or ointment. The symptoms are very similar to PMLE; but they usually show the latter. Skin rash does not necessarily appear for several days after sunshine. It may also happen that the skin rash is covered with skin parts that are under my clothing and do not get direct sunlight. This makes it difficult to identify exactly which products are causing allergies. Treatment is simple. Determine which products are causing the allergy and stop using it.

4) Daily urticarias affecting women most are the most interesting in daily allergies. It will cause large, itchy urticaria in sunny areas that occur after the exposure occurring per minute. The last 30-120 minutes. At PMLE, you must apply the same treatment.

The good news is that most daily allergies can be prevented. In order to limit the use of sunscreen and to limit the time spent outdoors, it must be safe for daily use from daily allergies.

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