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Television is watching too much eye problems

The human eye consists of LENS that collects and focuses the eye on RETINA, PUPIL, which determines how much light the eye has and CORNEA is the protective tissue,

This part of the eye and I have not mentioned many other things as working as a team to gather light to the eye and brains before we actually evaluate what we have seen. Damage to any of these important constituents may affect the eye's vision completely or partially.

One of the basic reasons for poor vision is that exposure is too strong for a strong eye. Today, television is a serious plot and I will share three reasons why television can damage your vision for too many hours.

Strong light from the TV: Viewing a TV is enough to expose the eyes to a constant light source. Strong light from television can damage the cornea and the lens. In most cases you feel that there is sand in the eyes and constant pain when the eyes meet a certain wavelength.

Standing distance to the television screen: in our homes, TV addicts have a place that no one else can dare to sit on. They have determined the distance within which their eyes see and their eyes are fixed within this distance, more than the daily part of each day of their life. The eyes use this distance and are less able to measure the objects away from the television. The latter suffer life short or long term when they finally get rid of addicts.

Different light intensity in the eye on a one-second question: The eyes are designed with a very strong potential to pick up different waves, but with the rapid advances in technology, different television programs use very intense lights to improve program quality. This program concentrates on the strong light of a certain wavelength, thereby challenging the eye beyond the function limit. Too much eye exposure to different light intensity, too much pressure on the eyes and damage to vision by destroying cornea, eyepiece or pupils

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