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The cause of true allergy – this is in the liver

He had long been allergic and asthma. Allergic shots and allergic treatments have led to an airstream, human pancreas from the age of 6 to 16 years of age. Inhalers and medications were held in every corner of my life. I remember that one Christmas I went to the adrenaline for emergency service. My asthma was sometimes life-threatening.

I asked every doctor I sent: "Why dogs and cats do sneezing and panting, but that does not make my asthma?" (19659002)

sneezing and fucking my best friend What's the difference between us? After the experts could not answer, I continued to ask myself this question, even my basic question was unanswered: Fortunately, I was too young to hear official personalities and look for a cause, and I try to understand it and have started cure, herbs, vitamins, and anything that is a hail ray. After many unsuccessful herbs, vitamins and natural experiments, I was lucky …

In 1977, when I was 19, I was taken to an Utah physician with an older friend who was nutritionist and said that a premier Biochemist Herbalist and healing. Hundreds of people followed the guy, and even though they were being criticized by those who wanted to be honored, I talked to many people who had enormous health benefits.

When I met "Doc" she told me the following: [19659002] Three things cause allergies:

# 1 Liver overproduces histamine because it has too much toxin

# 2 Thyroid is low and this determines the speed of the liver [19659002] # 3 The adrenal and the lungs are weak (this was not surprising to me but I did not know what to do)

This was completely understandable because:

"I was forced to stop allergic reactions"

One of my symptoms – I had little to get up in the morning – fit the symptoms of low thyroid gland

My inhaler was then epinephrine – an adrenaline-like substance

Detoxified by 3 months of treatment with herbs liver and herbs / nutrients o My lungs and the support of my adrenal glands and thyroid, allergy and asthma were free. It was 30 years ago and since then allergy / asthma is free.

(I'll tell you to keep myself from jail – take your medicine until your doctor tells you otherwise and / or if you decide to find a natural cure as I did. We have learned that many doctors have resistance and many an asthmatic who thinks natural remedies are impossible … sad, but true.) Image: ]

Liver needs to process toxins and if it can not do the job store them. If you store them, you also produce more histamine to protect yourself. When an allergen is present, the brain sends a message: "Send some histaminin! I think you are an attacker!" and too many of the liver are released and have an allergic reaction – hives, asthma, sneezing, and so on.

Clean the liver and maybe, like me, will release allergy / asthma.

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