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The deterioration of vision is a real cause

We have all told of all sorts of lies when we are in sight.

They probably said that bad vision is genetics, TV, reading in the dark, and the fact that you do not eat enough carrots.

Am I okay?

Yet, I have found useful to my friends who have abolished all these "rules" and still enjoyed the perfect vision. Genetics? So why did not my parents wear glasses while I could not read at all? Enter your name here, and you may have asked a few questions I did years ago or did not subscribe to this newsletter.

So here is the alternative explanation: the strain causes worsening. You see, your vision must be just like any other senses. This must be easy. Do you notice that you just try, hear, taste, smell and feel?

Not for my vision. Since vision is the most important human intellect, we have evolved in ways that allow us to control our eyes. (Imagine closing your eyes unconsciously when a sword-spiked tiger stands in front of the threshold!) The control of our eyes ensured human survival!

But just like any gift, it's also abusive. Nowadays, we keep our eyes open, not to protect ourselves against a life threatening enemy, but to watch late night television even when our eyes are tired. And when your eyes worsen, you put your eyebrows on your face to see what you do not see.

And when this tribe persists, find out what's going on with the semicircles. They are chronically tense. It's like back pain, where the back muscles are involuntarily burdened.

Fortunately, your condition is reversible. This is just a matter of rest. All you have to do is relax the eyes muscles to enjoy the perfect vision. Now, when I talk to a group of people about this, I usually get a question saying "If rest is the answer, then why did not my eyes come back when I started sleeping?" Good question, I always say.

Here is the reason.

Does the back pain lie when it comes to sleep? Of course, the answer is not. Chronic. The same eye of the muscles. Actually, it could be worse when you sleep.

So how can I relax in a chronically tense muscle? Well, this is the subject of another article. Stay with us.

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