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The Eye After 40 – The Truth About Your Eyes and Vision Close Up

Do you see any problems near you? may be hyperopia. But it can also be presbyopia. The truth must be said, both of which are similar, but different. As such, there are different treatments.

Hyperopia or vision occurs when the light beams in the eye do not focus directly on the retina, but are actually behind it. This happens when the eyeball is shorter than it should be. People at any age may be affected by hyperopia. Children sometimes occur because of this condition because their eyes grow as they are. But if not, hyperopia can be treated with corrective lenses, eyeglasses or contact lenses. Laser surgery, such as LASIK, is also a possibility.

Presbyopia, however, also causes it to be difficult to approach reading but is older and affects people over the age of 40. This is caused by the deposition of the eyepiece. The result is the same as hyperopia: weak near vision. Typically, this is handled with corrective lenses. The most common treatment was the reading of the eyeglasses only when viewed from the immediate close-up. Another solution is the contact lens with which monovision occurs when a lens corrects visibility when needed and the other lens corrects the close-up. The wearers will then prepare themselves to use an eye for reading and the other eye to see distant things. The contact lenses can be progressive multifocus, similar to the progressive channel goggles.

Hyperopia is not inevitable and can be treated surgically. Presbyopia is unavoidable and has not been treated until recently. When the eyes begin to lose the flexibility and no longer see it sharply and clearly close, it is time to treat. Although presbyopia is available, the vast majority of people still choose reading glasses. They are safe, do not require invasive procedures and are stylish. If you lose your clear vision due to presbyopia, then it can be negligible, it may even be fashionable.

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