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The eye of envy

Between the Superstition and the Reality

When my daughter played with the kids in the park, my friend informed me of his new dress and before I finished the sentence, I watched my daughter slide down from the slider and toss her new trousers. Needless to say, my friend immediately removed his eyes, feeling something responsible, but did not want to deny that his gaze had caused him.

I went to my daughter to make sure she was okay and she was looking at new shorts and where she was injured without repair. Secondly, I sent and thought it was better to have her blue-eyed charm around my daughter's neck.

Call me superstitious, but I think it's more than just a coincidence that my daughter just fell down and spoiled her new dress, but my dear friend looked at me.

Known from the point of envy, I am sure that many people may be related to what I'm talking about, but still many people do not know the enormous effects of the irrelevant eye.

Numerous scientific researches have revealed many discoveries between the eyes and the vibratory vibrations, but still in the course of all progress in science, they remain in the envy of envy and how they work.

Many jealously disturb the meaning of envy. The jealous word in the Webster Dictionary has been used since 1225 and the late Latino zealots are linked to Zealous. The Latin language became the flag of the French, and the middle English language.

Jealousy is a sense of rivalry, anxiety against the success or benefit of enjoyment, or anxieties about the success or the advantage. Jealousy also describes the feeling that someone is disloyal to us.

However, envy has existed since 1300 and comes from the Latin quotation, and then became the central English language through the French. Although it is close to jealousy, it is the feeling of anger and unhappiness because it is someone else's qualities or results that people want to acquire or have to achieve.

You may be aware of the difference in jealousy thinking that is related to yours, or you feel that you have to be someone else's own. Where envy wants you to have something that someone else has.

Why the eyes?

When it comes to the human head, no function gives enough reputation to malice than the known eyeball. You do not hear people who are pointing or mouthing or nose or ugly ears. But we say a piercing staring at, with a sharp look and a painful glimpse of just watching him kill him!

The fact remains that terror comes from within the eyes. Bragging is one of the ways of dominance and interest. Intrusion. The vision, which is more clearly focused than action, can be said, listening, rather invasive. These aspects of vision, as well as the emotional part that the eyes are known as the "windows of the soul," the eyes become truly awesome and mature for supernatural speculation.

Evil eyes have been known throughout history for almost every culture, and to this day the majority of people have the power to believe, even the well-trained. Contrary to the superstition that, for example, on a ladder or on a fairy's eater, will be stronger than age and not inferior. However, some societies try to keep control while others let go of being social principles.

Envy is also mentioned in the Holly Qur'an, the envy known as Islam.

Allah says, "(Say) I seek shelter in the morning with the rabbis of the evil of the Hassid (envious person) when he is envious" (Surat the Daybreak).

Envy is also mentioned in the Bible and calls it sin.

"The actions of sinful nature are evident: sexual immorality, dirt and abuse, idolatry and witchcraft, hatred, contention, jealousy, anger, selfish ambition, fragmentation, faction and envy, drunkenness, organs and the like so that those who live this way, they shall not inherit the kingdom of God "(Galatians 5: 19-27).

It blames the evil eye universally, which damages everything from car accidents, bad gardening, illnesses and damage to property or death. When this great gaze is directed at us, we see ourselves as victims. Sometimes we really hear our own jealousy. Or we could harm other people at their own boarder and intimidate them. A new car, a better mobile, a bigger house, all the things we feel tempted. We can have good luck with our pride and joy, but if our friends can not afford these things, they will be jealous of reacting badly to us and envy themselves. India The fragrance of Bakhour (a fragrant fragrance of burnt herbs) is flooded by all new visitors in the house, believing that the scent attracts a mood that mocks wicked people who may come from homesick or new born visitor. Indian women also draw black lines around their eyes, not just to protect themselves from the Evil Eye, but to ensure they do not accidentally cause the Evil Eye to their friends. In France and most European countries people in both hands cross the middle finger of their index finger when they are in front of people who seem to be envious.

Another old European Evil Eye protection was to write spells or prayers on a paper and put it in a small container to wear on the body. Colonial Americans were partly heart-shaped containers.

In combat, warriors thought the puzzling and glittering decoration of helmets and shields distorted the enemy's envy. Africa protects himself by envy by having a strange eye-catching drawing or blue-eyed glamor that interferes with the envious of his eyes and passes through the arrow. Or he surrounds the eye with metal rings and always places or approaches a newborn chest until he reaches six months of age. The blue color of the eyes and the handkerchief puts the peace into the soul, giving a sense of security, absorbing the evil from envy and cooling it down. In Egypt and in the majority of Arab countries blue-eyed charm is very popular, just as a form of charm that thinks it protects the envy and evil eyes. Europeans or Americans do not think that people are blessing their health, or are they saying that the child is "not raised or high?" Such remarks can put fear in the Arab heart and can be considered as taboos.

We welcome appearance or character, rather than greetings to health and power, but should be emphasized even by the exclamation of "Masha Allaah" (God) to clarify the intent of envy or malice. Remedy

So you can laugh at the idea of ​​the Evil Eye amulet, believe that you can retreat from the evil eyesight, even today, most people use these spells the evil eye to feel safe and take certain actions for their loved ones and to protect their holdings.

Unlike other sins, jealousy and envy have nothing to do with it. There is neither joy nor profit. And remember, both feelings are exacerbated by the inadequate feeling. Therefore, the most appropriate solution starts from the soul. Praise a lot against jealousy. Praise it, no matter how difficult it is. Honor and respect you and humility. Learn to be humble and not to be hurt by others.

Learn to learn to appreciate each individual in terms of strength and values. Learning the love means some thinking and a new direction of thinking. It also requires practice and a real effort. But once we reach this goal and attack jealousy and envy, and begin to cultivate the fruits of the spirit, we are well in finding our forgiveness in our hearts and in our peace of mind.

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