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The Five Most Important Things That Destroy Your Eye And How To Avoid Them

At present, the American population is about 300 million people, 75% or about 225 million people wearing correction lenses, whether it is glasses or contact lenses. This is an extremely large number, especially compared to the 1980 statistics, where 50% of people wear glasses. This is only 50% increase in just 30 years. Why is our vision worse and worse? Many people are born with a less perfect sphere for the eyeball, and this is obviously a common cause of eye problems. The only known method to solve the problem is Lasik's eye surgery; from eyeglasses and lenses except of course. There are other things that make this less perfect vision. The most important five reasons will be to look at this real concern and how it can be prevented from worsening.

Focused staring is one of the biggest reasons for losing sight in America and probably in the world. What does that mean? If you look at something, your eyes are three times slower than normal. So when you look at a television, theater, computer screen, reading books, or watching a lot of other things, your eyes dry and this time you're hurting your eyes. There are some things you can do to reduce the problem unless these activities are avoided together. While watching TV, pause during the commercials. This does not mean that you look under the ad slots on the computer screen. Perhaps you play one or two games with the cards, it would be best to have a game that requires physical activity, such as ping pong, foosball, etc. Game. Nintendo WII would not help; it may bring fresh air; call someone, etc. In the theater, watching a movie is different. There are some things you can do. You can buy the "tears" grains, not the "get rid of the red". Use this during your film. Try to take a look at the theater once. Maybe you can force yourself to have a frustrating bathroom break in the slow part of the movie. You might have to be creative here, but you find something that does not require you to stare at a motionless object. Maybe he goes to a theater. You can apply these principles to your computer's duration, reading time, and so on. Random fact, there is no evidence that dark reading would cause more damage than reading in a well-lit room.

Sun rays or ultraviolet radiation, the second reason for eye problems in our country. Ultraviolet rays, which come from solar radiation and solariums, greatly damage our eyes. In my opinion, sunglasses with UV protection are an absolute requirement for everyone. UV rays of the sun descend from many surfaces. Plenty of surfaces are pierced. Just because he turned away from the day or led the car did not mean he protected them from harmful rays. In fact, this is usually the most common situation where the sun is damaging. I would also mention that during tanning, it is imperative to wear eye protection. Closing your eyes does not stop UV damage and in reality is usually much worse because in most cases when we have polished our eyes, the sun's direct sunlight or solariums are causing serious damage when faced with the sun.

It's as if there was not enough reason for smoking. Smoking is the number of three reasons why clear vision is lost in America. Smoking cigarettes cause macular degeneration, which is a problem when the part of our eye that sends signals to the brain is degenerated and there is less and less signs in the brain, so our vision will be poor. All we can say here is to take smoking, we all know how terrible it is for us. It also includes snuff and chewing gum.

Eye damage is the fourth cause of loss in America. It can be damaged in a working environment if there are certain chemical gases in the air or debris in the trash. Unstable athletes may be injured if they do not provide adequate protection. The helmet-free solution is very severe and is likely to cause permanent damage to the eyes. Fireworks and camp fire damage, especially fireworks and campfire sparks, may be the most dangerous because it is so fast so your eyelids can not even have time to react. Then, during the hospital stay, the damage was permanent and repaired. The only thing that prevents this, prevents it from being away from the source of danger. Care should be taken to ensure that such fireworks are far enough away from children, which can be a difficult task, as children are usually very excited about fireworks and are insistent on playing with them.

The infections cause conjunctivitis, the eye, and in severe cases can cause serious damage. The pink eye is a condition where bacterial or viral failure is passed into your eyes, probably with a towel or bedding that someone else's. This is one of the reasons why we are told that we do not share towels, shavers and other personal belongings. If you get infected, you have to go to a doctor to get a recipe. They have over-pressure management, but this is not so effective.

Now that you know all the things you do in your daily life that your vision worsens over time, you will be able to defend yourself. If we keep the five steps, we will certainly help us, adults, to see it better, but it will be best to use our children before their eyes are damaged.

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