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The forbidden frame

As more and more designer tags throw their hat into the "framework game", a trend has emerged; this trend is the supplier of limited brand. Under the brand limited by the seller, we mean that a certain carrier's borderline can not be purchased if one of the eyesight benefits are used.

The reason for this new phenomenon is that allowing frameworks from an insurance company requires that all frames be deducted. In other words, just because your vision plan gives a specific frame to a frame does not necessarily mean that you will pay that amount to this frame. "Why can not you sell this frame under my insurance?" This is the question I hear every day and here is the answer to "Why". Suppose you have a $ 100.00 grant to buy any opt-in store at home. Participants do not know the draft of their own vision, the $ 100.00 payment for the frame is likely to be $ 45.00 or $ 50.00. So if the insurer pays only $ 45.00 or $ 50.00 for the actual money for the purchase, then what is the remaining balance of the frame. Well, the balance must be discounted at the expense of optical stores and would violate the supplier's requirements for that brand.

Well, the same sellers who have hidden their frames for vision insurance must also fully disclose the sale of their frames in order to fully comply with their retailer's agreement. Let me say this in a more comprehensive way. Like the IRS, the retailer is subjected to random checks by the seller and any breach of the contract, which may result in a fine or even a termination of the buyer's license for the sale of the product. So to figure out what's going to happen, that will not happen.

In the future, you will probably find yourself in this exact position in the future. When you do this, ask the optician to give the lenses the insurance price and only buy the piece. The insurer of the vision will be happy to repay you for the purchase, but not for the full benefit. The reimbursement of the purchase of the frame will only be paid out of the actual cash which is not considered a sale limit.

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