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The power of the mind can either improve or weaken the eyesight

The mind is so strong that it literally gets what we want. If negative thoughts are given, we get negativity. At the same time, however, we can feed our thoughts with positive thoughts, and so we think we are changing our health and vision.

Some have "eyes on the back of their heads". This is true because the optic nerve runs through the entire brain, and finally into the visual cortex at the back of the head. Visual particles are recognized and recognized there. Because the optic nerve passes through the brain, our thoughts and feelings can influence the visual process. Many have experienced that we do not see car keys when they are there, and people can literally become blind with the strong emotion of anger.

Vision is a combination of memory, experience and emotion, and is therefore selective. For example, a car, the Enthusiast, who is on the road, will notice and see all other cars, models, and come and go, while the botanist will see all the different trees and bushes near the road, and the cars are just driving danger . Our thoughts are also selective and we choose what we think.

Blurred vision may seem as clear as we think. This happens when you are calm and our thoughts focus on perfection. The thought waves behave exactly like the sound or the light waves, and we can use our thoughts to pour our eyes in the way we want them to be. If we focus on perfection, then it is perfectly presented, we can never produce it. Visualization helps restore vision by normalizing the eye and taking the place where normal vision occurs. Visualization is best done in dynamic relaxation mode.

Dynamic relaxation occurs when the body is completely relaxed, but the mind works in color and in five senses. Dynamic relaxation is very strong when attached to an action plan. It is then possible to self-regulate our autonomous nervous system and to change our functioning through subconscious theory.

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