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The Sinusitis Vision relationship

Many people wonder why they have obstructed their vision when they suffer from sinusitis. Blurred vision, watery eyes, boring eye pain are common complaints in my office that are associated with sinusitis. The sinusitis relationship is related to the spatial relationship between sine and eye structures. Multiple symptoms may occur depending on which sinus is infected. Most of the major visual disturbances turn around bacterial sinusitis, which accounts for about 15% of all sinus infections.

The forehead and the ethmoid sinus are the most common sine that cause visual symptoms. Osteomyelitis is inflammation of the bone. Young men tend to be the most sensitive to this type of vision sinusitis. This bone marrow inflammation occurs mostly in the eyelid above the eye and inflammation may spread to the inner eye collector leading to orbital infection or inflammation of the surrounding structures. This is rare. The most common symptoms of osteomyelitis in the front sine include serious eye pain that causes scarring, excessive irrigation and photosensitivity.

If bacterial infection occurs in ethmoid sinuses, orbital infection may also occur. This process is more common in the frontal osteomyelitis pathway. This is a serious complication, but rarely occurs. In these cases, eye movements, falling eyelids and loss of vision are common. Pain in the middle of the face may be painful for ethmoid sinus infection

The most dangerous side effect of this orbital infection is when the infection enters the cavernous venous sine of the pituitary; brain infection. There may be mucous membranes, meningitis and other life-threatening conditions. Very often, personality changes, high fever, neck pain, visual disturbances, altered consciousness, seizures, coma and even death may also occur. Both frontal and ethmoid sinus infections may cause clots. These blood clots can travel to venous structures around the eye, which can cause stagnation and therefore exert pressure on these structures. Often, a fixed pupil who has expanded is the first sign of this.

The above symptoms are rare and the most serious sinusitis vision connections. Mostly mild symptoms such as eye water, light sensitivity, blurred achy pain are predominant. Again this is related to the spatial relationship between the nasal cavities and the eyes.

Clogged mucosal discharge is the main offense that causes these symptoms of sinusitis. The eye has a natural connection to the nose through the nazolacral channel. Allows the eyes to take an aqueous liquid that absorbs the eyes and keeps them moist. This relationship is because when you cry on your nose, the tears flow through the nazolacral channel.

In sinusitis, nasolacrimal canal is exited by two sinuses. If sinuses are inflamed and produce excessive mucous membranes, this can also be blocked, which prevents the normal flow of tears. So your eyes are too damp and water. Most sinusitis leads to visual disturbances

The best solution is to quickly remove excessive mucous membrane by irrigation technique. Nettie pots are a great way to do this. Be sure to add a little salt to keep your nostrils wet or you will notice it will use after a few minutes, mucus congestion will be worse.

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