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To use Monovision

Monovision is the contact lens technology of presbyopia, which includes the adjustment of the corrective lens at the patient's dominant eye * distance and close eye. Like bifocal or multifocal lenses, it is also possible to use the same pair of contacts when someone leads or reads a book.

On the surface, this method may look odd and one question how clear they are

So how does mononization work?

From the distance, our dominant eye controls the mind of the brain as vision information is moved. Of course, the non-dominant eye still works, but the dominant eye is in the "driver seat". Although the non-dominant eye is corrected close to sight, it does not interfere with "communication" between brain and distance. In successful applications, the brain learns to adapt to the two extremes, minimizing the dizzying feeling after the correction period. Monovision also works if the dominant eye clearly sees the distance without distance and in the near future the non-dominant position needs to be corrected. Technique is more successful than contact with eyes, as eyeglasses cover the eyes. According to his design, relationships better fit the natural eye function

Monovision effectively corrects presbyopates in nearly 75% of cases; but since the method is a compromise, there are some issues that need to be addressed. Reduced depth sensation is the result of the technique as well as the possible slight headache, as long as different lens fluids are not used. There is also the possibility to be less alert when viewing the distance. In successful cases, the duration of adaptation is about 1-3 weeks.

The monovision contact lens used does not permanently change vision, as opposed to refractive surgical intervention involving the technique. Relationships can be removed if the test fails and the sight returns to the therapy.

If you are presbyopic and you do not want to read your glasses, ask your ophthalmic service provider about monotone to find a good candidate.

* It's as if it were right or left-handed, eyes were similarly aligned. The dominant eye focuses on distance, while the non-dominant eye treats near the vision. A simple test that determines which eye dominates involves both eyes remaining open when lifting their right arm to a moving object (about 20 feet or more). Focus on the object as you go further and cover the left eye first and then the right side. In one of these cases, the index finger moves to one side. Your dominant eye is what does not change . The eye doctor can confirm which eye predominates.

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