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Toothache allergy facts

Is it really like toothpaste allergy?

If you have toothache allergies, it is very difficult to diagnose because so many people have never considered the fact that they may be allergic to their toothpaste. Toothpaste allergies are not thought to be common, but this is due to the fact that they are often ill-diagnosed or unpublished. Toothpaste consists of natural and chemical ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction and may rarely cause anaphylactic shock that leads to death

Toothpastes use many additives to aid color, cleansing, taste and digestion. Although many of these ingredients are in very small quantities, anyone with hypersensitivity allergies can say that it does not cause much allergic reaction. cinnamon



sodium benzoate

propylene glycol


Not only is fluoride responsible for toothpaste allergies, ingredients such as papain can cause problems. Papain comes from papaya and comes to the toothpaste as a digestive system with the small amount of toothpaste that it consumes.

What are the symptoms? the most common ingredients for the rash which appear to be contact dermatitis. These rashes usually begin at the corners of the mouth and spread slowly over the face when untreated. Some people get rust or painful and inflamed gums, especially when they are scratched. Even some gastrointestinal and respiratory problems may be related to toothpaste with allergies.

The transition to natural toothpaste does not solve allergy toothpastes and many people may be more sensitive to allergies if they use natural toothpaste as they are often rare and exotic herbs. If you think your toothpaste can cause allergies, do not be afraid to ask your doctor.

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