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Top 10 rare and strange phobias

Many are afraid of many things such as height, death, water, clouds, struggle, and much more, but this fear, if unreasonable and excessive, becomes phobic. It depends on the nerves when you lose your self-control and become unable to do it yourself. This fear is one thing that goes beyond the pointlessness of phobia.

Phobia is an intense, irrational and constant fear of certain things, situations, activities, or even people. This is a mental disorder that, if not overflowing, interferes with personal, social and economic life; it can be directed to a traumatic situation that cannot be overcome. Fear to some extent and rational things are rational, but some people have very common things with phobias that are part of our daily lives or that are too harmless to be afraid, and even some. these cannot be avoided in our daily routine. The following ten rare and strange phobias:


The phobia of washing, cleaning and bathing, and generally not in emotionally stable women and children.


Dance is an expression of joy and joy; can anyone be afraid of dance? Yes, people have this phobia too!


Anyone afraid of the buttons? Koumpounophobia is the fear of the buttons; people who suffer can be afraid of similar things like plates, coins, etc. People who have this fear don't chew peanut butter.


This is an interesting one; phobia of phobia development. The fear is that a phobia might develop which is actually a phobia. This is a psychological state rather than a phobia.


A very strange phobia of estiophobia; the fear of the clothes. Sufferers are not afraid of all clothes, but of some type and material. In addition, it is found among fat and middle-aged people; they think the clothes make them more impressive.


Can you imagine anyone being afraid of beauty? Yes, many are afraid of beautiful women, this is called caligynephobian. It can be found in adolescents and men who do not have direct orientation.


Scopophobia is the fear of looking at it; this is really strange because everyone looks at something for a moment. This can lead to social exclusion of the sufferer.


I am always happy about the good news, but some people are afraid to hear good news. They are not afraid of listening to the good news, but of its consequences, because they believe that good news always follows bad.


Last but not least, people are afraid of other people's opinions; especially considering what others think of their personality, clothes, work, home, everything.

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