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Touch and aromatherapy – caring activities in dementia

Touch Therapy

Those who suffer from the later stages of Alzheimer's disease and other dementia are losing most of their cognitive and communicative function and need constant care. This care should cover the needs of all patients between emotional and physical needs for feeding and dressing.

There are many problems that a caregiver can do to help get in touch with an elderly and dementia, and one of the most effective activities that stimulates them with touch and smell. Visual stimulation usually takes only a short time, because recalling the memory will be shorter and easier to disturb. This can fuel frustration, excitement, mood swings and stress reactions.

Tactile and aroma stimulation can cause tranquility and relaxation. Think of a patient with dementia who is usually tense, cozy and impatient. Using body lotion or massage oils can remove your hands or feet and start a gentle massage. The soft and gentle touch almost reassures them. As the oil or body lotion moves slowly and gently on your skin, you begin to notice the peace of mind. Their shoulders are reduced and less defensive and controversial. Touching the skin thus slows the heartbeat, relieves anxiety and relaxes the mind and the mood.

Do not underestimate the therapeutic effect of touch. You can also convey love, care, acceptance, approval, and even a recognition that you hear, know and see. Even the subconscious will see if a person is just one project; or burden, or if people around them are very interested. This can increase the tension.

If you have a family or friend caring for a patient with dementia, use this time for yourself. Enjoy. Evaluate this time of gentle touch and let your heart, love, and love be communicated to your loved one. If you are a carer in an establishment, pay attention to the life in your hands and the quality of life that you give them as caregivers. We provide them with a relationship that would not be otherwise, and in some cases as close as a distant family member who wants to be.

Dementia Activity – Aromatherapy

This tactile and massaging body lotion and oil dementia activity can be combined with aromatherapy. Dementia aromatherapy is clinically proven to be effective in treating dementia sufferers in some cases.

The aromatherapy of dementia can be effective as a caregiver of Alzheimer's patients, as the aromas can penetrate the olfactory neurons. Many patients with later stages have lost significant sensitivity to aromas, but the aromas can be absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to the brain, where specific reactions can be produced.

There are some aromatherapy essential oils that may be useful. Some of them that are used are:

  • Lemon Balm – has sedative and anti-stress properties, used as a memory enhancer in earlier stages of memory loss.
  • Lavender – used as a relaxing agent and has a relaxing effect on inhalation.
  • Sweet Marjoram – Helps in anxiety, stress, and hyperactivity in some.

Essential oils must be diluted before use. They can be found in lotions, creams or other oils (carriers). Strong or pure essential oils can be used in a few drops in a hot bath or in water, foot bath, room temperature, or towel or pillowcases (subject to any allergic reactions). Be careful not to place essential oils directly on the skin. Do not use oil in the refrigerator.

These essential oils cannot have the same effect on everyone, but they can be very useful. Elderly people and people with Alzheimer's and other dementia are connected to the world around them through their five senses. Disconnecting from a single world, either cognitively or emotionally, can increase the stress, anxiety, and frustration of an incomprehensible state and inhibit their ability to communicate.

With the touching and aroma of essential oils, patients with dementia can calm down, soothe and feel their love and care for those who support their quality of life.

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