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Treatment of back pain with aromatherapy?

An overly common disorder is backache. Back pain is for you, if you can be smaller, but for many people, and it grows in people's age, your backache may be weakened and disturb the person's life.

There are many types of back pain, ranging from upper and lower back to chronic pain (backache is a daily pain that lasts longer than two weeks), which can result from:

o Poor posture, straight, unsupported shoes or very high heels

o injury or training on your back because you have picked or carried something that would be too hard to raise

o bad sleep or a mattress that does not support your weight properly

o pregnancy – growth of a woman and the belly size dispels the body largely unbalanced and unbalanced.

o Overtaking – An overweight person tends to accumulate fat around the abdomen and loose the muscles. If this happens, balance and balancing is balanced and the backplate is used to make the difference.

It's important to be careful behind your back at your workplace or at home. This means that the back base will be lifted when it takes heavy objects and lifting the leg. Also, you always have to bend your knees when you pick something up. Many people tend to bend the waist to wear heavy objects, resulting in tight muscles or back injuries.

Another good way to prevent back pain, keep an eye on weight and exercise. Charging overweight can result in chronic back pain. When the belly is overloaded and the stomach muscles are lost, the abdominal muscles help the back and the back muscles are used to offset the effect of loose abdominal muscles. If you keep your belly and not be overweight and exercise, you can protect yourself from being disadvantaged.

Part of the exercise can be some of the weak yoga exercises. Always check the chiropractor or the physician before starting any workout, but yoga is wonderful on the spine and is likely to be recommended by your doctor.

In addition, aromatherapy can be of great help in treating back pain.

Aromatherapy massage is a wonderful tool to treat chronic back pain. There are many natural essential plants, and essential oils that contain healing properties and which are massaged into the skin relieve pain and pressure at the cellular level.

It is important to make sure that if you feel a strong pain, stop the massage immediately.

If you are pregnant, it is important to read the safety precautions on the label and make sure you do not use any essential oils that can damage or endanger the baby.

For back pain and illness, a large massage oil can be made with two drops of Eucalyptus oil, two drops of lavender oil and a drop of citric oil. Take this mixture and add 1 gram of carrier oil. An excellent carrier oil for this mixture is jojoba oil.

You can get more from the essential oils by heating the massage oil before using it. Place the oil in an amber bowl and place a bowl in warm water. Do not try to microwave, so the oil may be too hot and you can burn the recipient under the massage.

After the massage, hot oil baths can be removed. There are many natural essential oils that help to cure pain. Use 10 drops of eucalyptus and 10 drops of peppermint into the bath to make a very hot aromatic analgesic bath.

In the hot bath, pass the full therapeutic benefits for at least 20 minutes.

If you are pregnant, make sure that you have read the safety precautions on the essential oil label you are using.

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