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Treatment of soft bites for humans – What home remedies are available?

Fools do not only bite and live on domestic animals, but also people are bitten. The typical human reaction of flea butter is a small, hard, red, slightly raised, itching spot that does not swell. Certain bleeding may occur, especially when the bruised area is scratched. The single puncture caused by flea is usually seen at the center of each spot.

Strokes normally occur on the legs and ankles. Different people show a different reaction to flekkitas. Some people are completely attracted to fleas and do not affect the presence of fleas while others are "attractive" and sensitive to fleas, which causes a serious allergic reaction when they are bitten.

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Well, how to handle flea bites in a man? Before you go to your GP for medical treatment, here are some home remedies for flea bites in people.

first Firstly, it is important to keep the area concerned clean. Wash the bites with some antiseptic fluid or soap. Use cold water, but do not use hot or hot water as it may be prone to itching

2. Secondly, apply a cold package to the bite to reduce swelling

. Do not scratch the inflamed area as it may lead to the appearance of open sores and secondary infections

4. If the affected area is read and swollen, use a mild steroid cream such as 1% hydrocortisone cream. This should be easily accessible at any pharmacy without a prescription. Hydrocortisone quickly reduces inflammation. Alternatively, if you have a bottle of calamine lotion at home, it can also help.

5th Very often the wounds caused by itching can be very intense. Anti-histamine, such as Dimetapp, the Chlortrimeton oral dose is very effective for alleviating itching. As itching stops, scratching stops, and healing is more rapid.

Treatment of flea bites with these home remedies should be improved within a few days. However, if the condition worsens, it continues to be red and swollen by evacuation, then it may be necessary for the family doctor. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics for you and you may need to stop steroid to stop inflammation.

However, the success of fleeing is not a solution to the problem. In order to avoid these little annoying creatures, the only solution is to get rid of them all. Killing the flies in the house the release of fleas on pet animals is what you need as part of the flea flotation plan

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