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Some Easy Ways to Exercise Your Vision

You can often exercise your vision, especially when you are working on a computer screen all day long. This can cause serious tiredness and blurred vision, which may lead to further vision problems. Here are some simple exercises that refresh and rejuvenate your eyes.

Sit down on a chair and relax. Rub your hands until it's hot. Hold your hands and put them easily on your closed eyes. Do not put pressure on the eyeballs or cover your nose. Your eyes are behind the hollow part of your palm. Do not let any light penetrate into your eyes.

Breathe deeply and imagine the whole black. Blackness is focused. Now think about something that makes you happy or a spectacular panorama. If your eyes are black, take your palm. Repeat the procedure for approx. 3 minutes.

Another great eye test is to close your eyes very tightly for 3-5 seconds. Then open your eyes for the same period. It's 7 or 8 times. Now close your eyes and gently massage your eyes with your fingers for 1-2 minutes. To do this, carefully place 3 fingers on each eyelids in each hand and hold for 2 seconds before release. Repeat this 5 times.

Sit down in a chair and relax. Turn your eyes clockwise and counterclockwise. This is blinked 5 times each time. Sit down. 6 inches from the window. Place a trademark on the glass to match the level of the eye. See this signal when focusing on a remote object for about 10 to 15 seconds; then focus on the signal.

Here's another excellent way to practice your eyesight. Feel that you are standing in front of a huge clock. Focus on the center. Now watch an hour, but do not turn your head on. Focus again on the control panel and look at another clock. Repeat this for 12-15 times. This practice can be done with a closed eye

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