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Vision Therapy: The Radius of New Hope

Visual therapy is a physical therapy that is used to improve the eye and brain. This therapy does not include any surgery and has helped patients, especially children, to look at issues such as crossed eyes, lazy eyes, convergence, double vision, learning and reading problems. In fact, patients who have waived all hope for improvement have achieved 100% results from the therapy.

This procedure takes place through various exercises. It addresses any visual problem that addresses learning difficulties and prevents the reading process. Although optometrists do not really perceive visual therapy as a treatment, it can not be denied.

What is Vision Therapy

This therapy is used to treat eye problems. This is a progressive stage program that includes some practices. Some of the key points of Vision Therapy are:

• Performs under strict medical supervision.

• Adapted to the patient's needs.

• In-office operation with outdoor seating. Discussions are held once or twice a week, and can last from 30 minutes to one hour.

• Outside the office, home exercises can also be performed.

Vision Therapy Recommendation

Visual therapy is recommended in these circumstances:

• Improving the Efficiency and Comfort of Vision

• Facilitates the patient's better visual capabilities.

• Changing the Patient's Visual Information Interpretation Process

Many people confuse themselves with thinking, this therapy is a practice for the eye, but exercises are done to make the muscles stronger and your information is your eye muscles are strong enough

Therapeutic sessions in the office contain various special equipment and are under professional supervision. Some Equipment Type:

• Repair Lens

• Therapeutic lens

• Prism lens

• Optical Filters

• Columns (eye spots)

• Electronic target time mechanism

• Computer software

• Training device with visual motor sensors

• Vestibular Tool (Scale)

The process is quite simple. After a comprehensive visual test, the therapist evaluates the results and the reports. Studying the case, you can confirm whether the therapy will benefit or not.


It is my hope that vision therapy is not a surgery and is completely safe for children as well. Yes, to have the therapy succeed, it is important to follow the therapist's instructions. Moreover, full participation, especially in children, is indispensable. Children should support and be comfortable to interact with the therapist

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