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Washing clothes in aromatherapy oils

This is not something I ever thought of until a few years ago, while the shopping at a fairs store where I bought some nice cards. The shop assistant introduced aromatherapy oils for washing clothes and things. You have assured me that you are working better than regular washing powders or products, do not require a softener, and give a nice scent to your clothes.

As they were special at that time, it seemed to be a bargain so I bought a bottle to try. My choice of lavender was with other flavors. Surprisingly, he came with a small measuring chamber, about the size of a small glass of medicine. According to the instructions, wash 40 ml. The formula has changed recently in the form below.

About one liter of glass. Offer for six months. The cost was about $ Au14.00, and compared to a regular detergent that was then used, it was cheap. There was no other additive, and the wonder to wash it brilliantly.

For a long time my sister used it together with my daughter and son. They all consider it a wonderful product. That was when I decided to look further and see what was so good.

Businesses of ingredients:

15-20% deionised Surfantans (plant origin). These compounds reduce the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. This explains the power inside, because everything on the surface of the garment can easily be removed.

5 to 15% alcohol

<5% enzymes

5% orange oil

0.5% perfume

5-15% anionic surfactants [19659002] <1.5% perfume oils [19659002] 0.04 Conservative

This is a simple combination of clever ingredients to improve white sheets and tissues with enzymes to enhance cleaning performance. Gray water is compatible and has 40 washings per bottle. Packaging is more environmentally friendly as CO2 emissions are lower due to reduced transport, less packaging and packaging.

This information is accurate from the supplier's site. Everything is a great product and one that has many health benefits.

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