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Ways to Deteriorate Vision

We are always talking of ophthalmic exercises to improve eyesight or ophthalmology to help maintain good health, but what about the many ways to ruin our vision every day? What causes vision problems primarily? As everybody has "prevention" these days, I have come up with the list of four of the biggest "eye killers" in the hope that we can better minimize or avoid them to reduce their impact. So there are four ways to ruin your vision:

1. Wear glasses or contact – The notorious ophthalmologist, Dr. Bates says, if the glasses are constantly worn, poor vision will usually be worse. Essentially, which glasses close their eyes in their refractive state and in order to look at their lenses, it is necessary to preserve the bad vision that the lenses are designed to correct. Dr. Bates was a clear craving for visual therapy, with ophthalmic exercises, without glasses.

2nd Eat Sugar Foods – Consumption of sugary foods is bad for sight and promoter aging. Although glucose is an important source of energy for the body's cells, too many blood glucose levels may damage a large part of the body, including the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, and small veins in your eyes for a long time.

3rd Watch a lot of TVs, keep working on your computer, and play breaks without video games without breaks. "When you look at or read a lot of things that are close to seeing your vision, you are probably close-up. This is because you spend too much time focusing on objects, so your eyes lost distance distances. That is why most of the articles on eyewear say that you should stop from day to day (every 30 minutes) and concentrate something far to balance this. Keep in mind that many children who are encouraged to sit in front of a TV or a video game player without taking a break in the eye for refocus are the most prone to eye problems. If you have a child, make sure you give them a break every 30 minutes on the TV or video games and arrange for them in the eyes of children.

4th Smoke Cigarettes – Chemicals in cigarette smoke (about 4000) reach smokers' bloodstream and may damage the macula on the back of the eye. This damage causes macular degeneration and blindness over time. If you want good eyes, stop smoking.

Even if we do everything we can, the eye can only do so for the health of the human eye. All of us need to be careful not to worry about eye problems if they are dealing with bad habits every day. It also means that our diets are rich in foods that support good health, or that good vitamins are considered as complementary to the eye.

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