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What causes light flash in vision?

Have you ever flashed your vision? Are you wondering what causes these flashes and what is it? In the field of vision, the eye flashes or the flashing lights are similar to the eye viewer. These occur when the glassy gel of the particle rubs or retains the retina. Visible Lightning Streaks or Blinking Lights in Vision

This is similar to what a person feels when they fall into their heads or fall into their eyes. This is what is often seen by "stars". This is a natural occurrence that can be disabled even after several weeks or even months after the incident has occurred.

Eyelids are more common in humans because they are older because the glassy gel of the granule changes and often begins to thicken or compact. Generally, these flashes are transient and do not represent a serious condition. In any case, it's better if you're wrong on the side of caution, and we'll definitely check it out.

If you experience sudden and unexplained light beams, it is especially important to immediately examine your eye. This may be a torn retina symptom that requires immediate treatment to protect the eye and vision.

Eyelids blink for migraines. If you experience bony lines or "hot flashes" on both eyes within 10 to 20 minutes, this is usually caused by the convulsions of the cerebral vessels called migraines. If this is often the case, medical treatment options are available.

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