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What is Aromatherapy and How Does It Work?

As part of the free pharmacy, aromatherapy is well known for its relaxing effect. Most often in the form of massage therapy, using essential oils. Contrary to general public opinion, aromatherapy is the simple application of special essential oils to the skin as part of luxury massage; one of the most important uses of history in history was to provide natural solutions for skin care and hair care to the world's most beautiful women. The herbal extract, which is now known as essential oils, is a key ingredient of secret formulas that cleansed the complexion, facilitating soft, silky, softened hands and feet in the hair.

Essential oils provide perfect skin and hair all the way, as they have strong therapeutic and antioxidant properties that are both effective at both physical and psychological levels. Research has shown that certain essential oils can regulate the function of the capillaries to renew their skin and restore the vitality of the tissues. Regular use of aromatherapy products improves the upper layer of skin in two ways. Firstly, essential oils naturally smooth the skin surface with disinfection and cleaning to help remove the upper layer of dead skin cells that lend a dull and gray look. Secondly, essential oils penetrate into the deepest skin layer, rejuvenate and stimulate cellular production. The combined effect enhances general appearance, radiation and glowing complexion.

Since essential oils are extremely effective in penetrating the deepest layers of the skin where new cells are formed, be careful with what ingredients they combine with them; more damage can be achieved than the benefits if cosmetic ingredients containing artificial ingredients are shortly followed by essential oil products, primers and sunscreens

Due to the increasing popularity of "natural products", shelf is "aromatherapy" in shops and supermarkets, sometimes at a price that attracts the uninitiated buyer with the promise of achieving the same result .

Nevertheless, no matter how attractive the presentation of the products, they least respect the principle of aromatherapy. High synthetic fragrances and waxes; Mineral oils and other chemicals can only achieve temporary and surface benefits if they are of any use.

A strong smell of essential oils on the scent of smell and on the front of the head is the limbic area of ​​the brain where smells are processed. The limbic brain is closely related to the hypothalamus, part of the brain that communicates with the glandular glands. Due to the healing properties of these pure essences, regular use of aromatherapy products can improve your health, mood and relationships. Certain essences have a sedative effect while others rise, some may be exciting.

Aromatherapy is far more than a ready-made oil mix in a bottle of drugstore or supermarket shelves. In order to benefit from aromatherapy, the products must be created on an individual basis. The therapist assesses the customer's mood, state of mind and other personal needs before formulating the mixture. That is why the reason for its personalized products.

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