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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a branch of herbalism that uses essential oils for therapeutic use. Essential oils are highly aromatic distillations of flowers, roots, stems, bark, cores, leaves, gums or foxes of plants, trees or fruits. This holistic practice is now well-known and can be used to promote physical, mental or emotional changes in one person.

Ancents have been used for thousands of years, expensive oils were the first drugs and perfumes. The oils scatter fragrant places of worship. This science is increasingly used with allopathic drugs or alone to provide a natural alternative to treating common diseases. Essential oils contain chemical ingredients that nourish, energize, heal and protect the living plant, enhancing its immunity. Over the years, experts use these extracted oils to stimulate the immune system, balance the central nervous system, blood circulation, treat pain and treat viruses, infections, wounds and skin diseases. When the clean oils are placed directly on the skin, they enter the bloodstream and often affect our mental, emotional, mental and physical health. The essential oils diluted in the substrate are ideal for massage, reflexology and body work. In fact, it is the best place to fill the oil or the foot of your foot or the palm of your hand. Inhale the scent of your hands. Rub them in areas where there is tension. It is possible to feel positive emotional and physical benefits when using a few drops of oil.

It is noteworthy that the inhalation of different scents can affect us in the same way. In the emotional realm, essential oils are used to promote depression, anxiety, memory, self-confidence, and meditative state. Aromatherapy is the belief that certain scents cause special emotional or physical reactions in humans simply because of the chemical components that make up for it. The magic aromatherapy method is the use of energies found in the same oils and floral waters or plant materials to make the necessary changes. These energies are often targeted with a specific intention to visualize the intended purpose. Aroma magic every time you use a certain fragrance for a particular purpose. The aromatherapists feel the effects of odors, magical doctors referring to the energy of the plant itself.

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