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What is Drusen and it causes loss of vision?

Age-related macular degeneration affects the people of the age of fifty. One of the most respected signs of macular degeneration associated with early age is drusen. Drusen is the yellow inserts located beneath the retina. These yellow deposits are most often found by people aged 60 and over. A physician trained for ophthalmology, such as an eye specialist, may conduct an eye examination where he will extend the eyes of the patient to be able to detect the presence of drusen. While the mere presence of drusen does not cause loss of vision, the increase in the size of drusen or drusen increases the risk of man evolving the two forms of age-related macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration has two forms of wet macular degeneration and dry macular degeneration. Growth of drusen may lead to size or number of age-related macular degeneration, which may lead to loss of vision

Since there are several types of macular degeneration, there are several types of drusen. There are two types of drusen that can occur under the retina of a person. The first type is a soft drudge. The presence of soft drusen leads to wet macular degeneration. It is thought that soft drusen is associated with a chronic neovascular membrane or CNVM that is basically a collection of unusual blood vessels that leak. These leaking vessels are the main causes of wet macular degeneration. Below the retina, there is leakage of blood and fluid that leads to retinal swelling and permanent vision loss. Wet macular degeneration or Wet AMD can cause rapid vision loss among people with this type of illness.

The patient can not see drusen with the naked eye. However, a trained physician can easily look at the presence of drusen. If drusen is detected, the doctor will diagnose the patient with macular degeneration. However, just because drusen is detectable and a doctor diagnosed the patient's macular degeneration does not mean that the patient will definitely develop the disease. Many patients with macular degeneration are diagnosed with ten, twenty, or thirty years of good vision.

It is important, especially if you are in the age of regular eye exams with an ophthalmologist. You may not have any symptoms, but that does not mean it does not endanger you. Discovering drusen is not what you can do at home. This is not an independent exam. In order to protect the health and vision of the eye, ophthalmic treatment should be regularly organized.

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