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What is Eyelash Painting?

When you go to the beach, makeup is not included. However, for women who are reluctant to leave their homes without practical mascara, you can find a solution to look for the best and enjoy the best waters in nature. Eyelashes always have dark, seductive eyes without using mascara again.

Mascara is a method in which the eyelashes become more colored to darken. Depending on the skin type and hair color, eyelash colors can be achieved, including black, blue, brown, gray or any color that best fits your face.

Mascara will benefit those who are sensitive to makeup, people who are active in sports (especially swimming), and people who don't have time to apply makeup daily. This process is also ideal for those who wear contact lenses because they no longer need to place the mascara.

The process includes a quick and non-surgical procedure that treats plant dyes. Compared to the placement of the mascara, the effect of eyelash coloring is natural. For this reason, most salons and baths cannot lighten the color of natural eyelashes.

Is Mascara Dangerous?

This is the most common issue among patients interested in coloring eyelashes. Since eyelashes are close to the eye, it is important to ensure that all procedures around the eyes are safe.

Before performing any mascara-coloring procedure, take part in a therapist's consultation. At least two days before the start of eyelash painting, a patch test should be performed to ensure that there is no allergic reaction or product sensitivity. Thereafter, the therapist recommends the best color for best results, which matches the skin type and hair color.

A typical eyelash painting takes about fifteen minutes. For this reason, the coloring of the eyelash fits the busiest strokes. As soon as he arrives at the salon, the therapist puts the cotton under his closed eyes and then puts a small amount of herbal dye on his eyelashes. After ten minutes, the paint is removed with water. The results can last about four to six weeks.

Treatment should be painless unless the toner gets in your eyes and causes a slight sting. However, eyelash coloring is not for everyone, because some people can easily irritate color additives or hair dye.

In addition, the use of home coloring kits should be avoided unless you are a qualified professional. This is because not only can treatment be messy, but it can also produce results that are not as effective as in salons. Professional eyelash coloring provides wonderful and lasting results.

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