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What is the meaning of Floaters?

What does the floaters mean?

Patients can see floating black spots in the visual area.

Patients See the Floater

The eye consists of two segments, the front segment lying in front of the lens and with water humor, while the back segment is filled with glassy humor. In childhood it is a clear, clear and gelatin-like material. Subsequently, the vitreous bodies tend to liquefy and form a gel-like material as a liquid substance in the procedure known as glassy syneresis, thereby causing the collage fibers to form fibers in the vitreous body. At each eye movement, these fibers will also move, causing floating images.

The other normal mechanism of the floaters is the postal glass cleanliness. Generally, there are adhesives between the vitreous body and the retina and for some reasons such as age, myopia and trauma; these adhesions are released, resulting in a glass body from the retina. The showcases collapse in the back segment of the eye, and with every eye movement, the glass body will collapse, causing floating images.

The postal glass cleanliness is normally present in old age and myopic patients. It usually occurs without complications, and only patients complain about floaters, which usually disappear after a few weeks later. Occasionally, the retinal retention of glass retention is incomplete, in which some portions are associated with the retina, causing retinas to stick. This adhesion is detected by the patient by the flashing of the lamps and by the time that the traction force can lead to retinal detachment.

Note: Any patient who first introduces the floater must have complete visual inspection to exclude any incomplete vitreous bodies from damage to the retina.

Other causes of floaters are deposits in vitreous humor that may occur after uveitis in which the white blood cells enter the bloodstream after glaucoma bleeding in which red blood cells have been invaded after cataract surgery, especially when the back capsule is torn intraocular injections , in which drug residues are located in the vitreous body.

What are the causes for deposition in the glass body?

first Causes of uveitis such as sarcoidosis, multiple sclerosis, Behçet diseases, leukemia and other causes of ophthalmic inflammation
2 – Causes of ophthalmic infections such as syphilis, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis and CMV retinitis
in particular back capsule tear
4. After YAG laser capsule in which the laser is used to create a hole in the fibrous back capsule.

How do floaters disappear?

1 – In brain adaptation, in which your brain ignores the presence of floaters and for a long time does not see them.
2. The natural absorption process of the eye, especially in post-uveitis, is vitrified bleeding.
3. Under conditions such as anti-inflammatory and antibiotic treatment
4. Vitrectomy, which is a surgery to remove the vitreous body. This can be indicated when there is a large amount of deposit in the glass body that is unclear with time or medication and affects the patient's vision.

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