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Who discovered aromatherapy?

The smell affects everybody. How often did you find that some odor reminded you of something? It is accepted that smells or aromas go directly into the brain and affect emotions and well-being.

There is a relationship between our subconscious mind and the sense of smell. Smells can make memories, and related emotions can come back.

We do not consciously use our odors very often. It seems that in the last thirty years we have been creating a stronger sense of taste and so our eating habits have changed. We do not trust so much that our food smells better. Perhaps this is because we no longer have to examine the freshness of the sweets by the smell. We use the dates, dates and refrigerators to help us do this.

The word "aromatherapy" comes from the Greek sense of smell. #

Aromatherapy is the use of natural oils to improve mental, physical and emotional health and well-being. This is not a new art, and we are just beginning to discover again what ancient cultures are so well known to us.

The next short story of medicine in New Scientist Magazine & # 39; and accurately summarizes how the use of natural therapies has become complete in the last 4,000 years:

It has gastric pain …

2000BC Eat this root.

AD1000 This root is heathen. & # 39; Say prayers while you eat. & # 39;

AD1850 Prayer is only superstition. Set this potion.

AD1940 This potion is a magic potion and not effective. Swallow this tablet.

AD1985 This tablet does not work. Take this antibiotic.

AD2000 The antibiotic is unnatural. Then eat this root.

So, as we see above, it's all over the whole.

The concept of aromatherapy was first used in 1928 by Rene Gattefosse in modern times, even though the therapy itself has been used for healing for millennia.

Gattephos had very badly burned his hands while working in his lab. Put your hand in a lavender oil container to cool down as this was the closest thing you could find. To his astonishment, the hand was healed very quickly and scar was scarce and modern aromatherapy was born.

This wonderful, odor-odorous plant is perhaps best known for all aromatherapy. Lavender has wonderful properties. Anti-septic, relaxing, lifting, and much more. This is certainly the first aroma you have to try. Another bonus is to be safe and gentle and most people can use it.

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