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Why does the horn touch the headlights?

Late in the fall. Starts your car from the workplace. The day goes faster than he thought, so he turned on his headlights. And suddenly, without warning, a deer jumps on the road, only one meter from his 2-ton car. They brake and find that there are no cars in the opposite lane, so instinctively pushing the steering wheel to the left-hand steering wheel will run down the catastrophic collision of the deer. Your heart is a race, but you do not harm me. And not even the deer.

Carefully, you're going back and wondering what's wrong with this one. Do you think, "Why did not you move?" This question holds most of the night. The answer is actually very simple.

Deer most of the tasks are poorly seen. They built it. Their eyes are much easier than human eyes. So when the sun rises or is ready to boil, join and roam. When a deer gets caught up in the very intense light of the car's headlights, his eyes completely unfold and the deer is literally blinded. If this light is dazzled at the moment, they do not know what to do and so do nothing. Thus, the term is a deer captured by the headlamps.

it should be noted that researchers now claim that deer have about 20/200 visions. A normal, healthy person 20/20. One more reason to drive safely and avoid getting into deer on the road.

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