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Why Spectators Require Prism Glasses for Double Vision, Crossed Eye and Lazy Eye Problems

Did the eye doctor give you or your child prisms in a new glasses recipe? It is possible to have pierced eyes, lazy eyes or some disease of the eyes or the body.

Slim pieces of prisms are the optical material used for prescription eyeglasses. You remember high school physics. It has a thicker base and a thinner tip. Due to the light bending properties of the lens material, the thickness of the thicker lens slows down as it passes through. As the prism is thicker on the lower sole, it slows down slower than the peak tip and the light goes to the base as it exits the prism. If the lens was evenly thick throughout, it would slow down the light, but the direction would remain unchanged. The amount of reversal is determined by the refractive index of the substance relative to the refractive index of the air. Dense materials allow optometrists to use ultra thin lenses that have dramatically improved eye comfort in recent years.

Crossing eyes are switched on and an eye can face up or down. The combination of lateral and vertical pages is common. If this results in double vision, it can completely hinder the person's mobility and lifestyle. If the eye turns, it is present at birth, then there is no double vision. The brain must be capable of suppressing or disabling the field of vision that causes dual perception in the early ages. When a person sees dual, prism and surgery, the two options for eye physicians need to try and restore their normal visual function. Prisms do not look like a strange triangle in the lens. They are generally thicker and thinner on the spectacle lenses. Normally they are in the shape of the lenses, but due to the optical properties, some lenses may move the optical center to replace the prisms. It may be that you can assign a prescription to the prism while the brain learns again how to interpret the eye. If diseases such as stroke and diabetes cause double vision, some fluctuation may occur over time, and frequent spectacle prescriptions may be altered to modify the amount of prisms.

Your eye doctor may also require the prism in your glasses for other reasons. Some people just tend to turn their eyes around, and although this does not really turn, eye pain, fatigue, headaches are caused by eye and other symptoms. In the case of traumatic head injuries, prisms can be used to reuse the disturbed visual system.

Some serious health problems can double vision, and any new appearance or ups and downs of dual vision should be thoroughly investigated by the optometrist. When dual vision occurs after the age of fifty, common causes of thyroid gland, hypertension and diabetes are common. Try to see when it comes down and worse to help the optometrist to handle eye condition with the best possible methods. For brain cancer tumors that cause double vision, the eye doctor can travel his life.

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