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Yoga for tired eyes and tense vision

So there is something for forty years now, and you realize that everyday writing is becoming more and more microscopic … or may your tired eyes age old? Oh, the horror when you give in and try to find a fancy +1.25 reader in the pharmacy.

Now you've got it for you and you think it's good first … until your eyes hit them and you have to remember where you put them each time you take them and when you find them you do not even get a chance to read what you've been trying the whole hour. High maintenance. Well, not exactly Zen. And the girls, the last straw when you buy an ornamental chain to keep your glasses on your neck. Tragic

In a month or two with the magnifying readers of the pharmacy, excitement disappeared for me and I started breaking more and more, probably because of the misty, cheap plastic lenses and astigmatism, with a custom prescription. The fact that I can enter the "bifocal area" also gave me an unpleasant breakdown.

As I've been studying so many interesting things (worth more articles for another day), I remembered not only that I did not want to spend money on this situation, I did not want to wreck any eye at all. Surely this was not the only option in the world. My mother calls it stubborn, but I decided that because my condition was not exactly severe, the material mind and some of the eye exercises instantly heal it. I'm sure my attitude helped, but he did these yoga exercises for the eyes as well.

All these exercises can be performed once or twice a day, until you feel the muscle breakage. If you feel like a trumpet, relax a little and adjust your workout accordingly.

First sit comfortably and breathe deeply just over your nose if possible. Focus for a minute on the relaxing shoulders, neck, jaws and all muscles. Move your chin over your shoulders to the left and right, especially if you are sitting for a long time. Close your gaze gently, feel the gratitude and appreciation of your sight. Open your eyes normally – not wide – and slowly look left and right five times, then close your eyes and breathe. Open your eyes again and go up and down 5 times, then carefully close your eyes again and some deep breaths. Let's put the same exercises diagonally up / left down / right 5 times and then diagonally in the opposite direction. Close your eyes and deep breathing. Open your eyes, look up and settle slowly clockwise. Do this 5 times, close your eyes and inhale. It must be counter-clockwise in the same way, then close your eyes and inhale.

When you open your eyes slowly, raise one arm in front of you with your thumb. A large room or a nearby window will help you focus on something far away, then your thumb and then your nose. Repeat 5 times; distance, thumb, nose, and then follow the closed eyes again and deep breathing. Take into account the different types of eye muscles that are becoming more and more absorbed.

Then rub the palm of your hand until it freezes friction. This rubbish will even include your fingers and the back of your hand. This is to release the vitality of your hand chakras to make energy as a relaxation of the eyes. When your hands are warm, place your hands gently over your eyes – do not push hard on your forehead or face bones – just put your palms over your closed eyes and enjoy the darkness as long as comfortable. or possible. Continue deep breathing only through your nose and stretch certain parts of the body (from top to bottom) when inhaling and reducing exhalation. If your eyes are still closed, imagine a boat that is closer to the water and farther away to the left and right of figure 8. It increases the visceral-consciousness by making this darkness without sleep. Understand that whenever you rub your hands in this way and put them in your eyes, it brings energy into your eyes and can repeat that day several times without the other exercises. Do not forget that the most enthusiastic you are doing is very important.

Now, people would see that you're funny when you do this in the office, but they look the same way you like thicker lenses with soda beetles, even if there is some embedded, progressive trifocal action, so do not worry and just let it go them.

There are some habits that may include your vision. Snacks, carrots, berries. Dark chocolate and red wine (moderately!) Flavonoids are offered to protect the eye. Avocados contain rich lutein to protect the eye's health and the cranberry extract is known to naturally improve vision. The right amount of rest (at least 7 or 8 hours per night) is also outstanding for healthy eyes, and while we think that we do not have enough time to relax, it would all be wise to do so. A 20 or 30 minute break with slow abdominal breathing in the middle of the day can make miracles. This has far more advantages than promoting eye health, the same is smoking. You know that all your health would benefit from getting out, but many smokers do not realize how much their vision is hurt and how well they see the color, smoking. The eyeball is full of small capillaries that are narrowed by the use of nicotine and capillaries as the eyes get the normal functioning of the blood and oxygen.

Be kind to your eyes; the sight is valuable. Consider how important it is to exit the computer and look at at least one minute at least every 20 minutes. Other members of the body appreciate blood circulation as well. We are not static, and the use of computers has had a tremendous impact on reducing how much we move. The record growth of chronic back pain alone is just such amounts as circulatory problems. Always consider that what you repeat with your eyes will have consequences. If you are staring at the computer screen all day, for example, it only looks at 20 inches of distance that is awake for most of your life. Artists also experience this, but generally have more opportunities to look at other things than an office worker who is definitely planted in a closet and just a little more than a computer. Eyeball shape (and function) is affected by ophthalmic muscles; some of them are overweight and tired, while others are neglected. You can find it as I did that a calm, balanced eye would not need a clear vision.

Try not to rely on glasses unless you have to. (Yes, some of the writings are a bit small!) A blink of an eye is probably arguing with me, but with the exception of specific illnesses or injuries, physics says it just makes sense that the glasses support the weakened leg. The crank will not help to make the foot stronger or better; you can only afford to have a boom leg (compensated). Meanwhile, the foot muscles had fallen over time with the crank. Soon, another part of the body will need help as a result of full body compensation. If you've been wearing prescription glasses for years and you need a stronger prescription for a few years, think about why this is … Spectacle lenses have worked on the eye's muscles, they will never become stronger and the opposite muscles will never rest unless other approaches are not used. I think you can completely eliminate the need for glasses, but you have to look at much more practice than you have here. William H. Bates played a pioneering role between eyes and mind, and of course I agree with this approach because best treatment does not always solve a problem in an area, and much more is the shape and mechanics of the situation. learn to look like here. If you're interested, Dr. Bates's "Snellen Chart" practice is, in my opinion, the absolute best place to start. Look for Dr. Meir Schneider, who was frustrated with the child and had to learn everything while braille writing. You can now see it and guide it, and it does not make it with glasses. It is a good example of what Dr. Bates has studied and is very handsome in teaching. If you are forty or something and you just introduce your eyes to the readers, I suggest that you reject the "aging" objection degenerating vision. You are in the early stages of experiencing perhaps a year of repeated fatigue and / or neglect, and this is the best time to learn the eyes of relaxation and exercises. So … join me to keep this article away and bring your eyes to so many other things.

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