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Women are used to get compliments from men who admire their eyes in color or in general. On the other hand, while men do not use women's spur, not to mention other men when they become subject to positive comments about their eyes, they generally feel satisfied that no one has noticed the lack of hair or big arm, but one of their most diverse facets, their eyes, and decided to pay tribute to them. Human eyes, like any other body, require special attention from their spouse and are particularly well cared for. Especially men who are usually not used to wear sunglasses or sunglasses or visit an ophthalmologist's office should know why regular eye exams are important and what types of vision problems may be encountered one day.

It is a fact that many serious developing eye problems have no apparent symptoms, so it is important to regularly see the eye conditioner, even if the visitor does not suffer from pain or headaches or has no perceived eye problems wearing glasses. The proper medical visit is an eye specialist, MD specialist. Optometrists also look to their eyes, but they are not doctors. Neither opticians have been trained for glasses and contact lenses.

In addition to controlling the eyes, we recommend the appropriate type of glasses and / or contact lenses – after determining whether or not they really need it – the ophthalmologist will use toothoptimism to examine the optic nerve and the retina – a light-sensitive membrane on the back of the eye lenses and cornea. It is also recommended that everyone receives eye pressure measurement to recognize the macular degeneration in the early stages, after the glaucoma, the second most common serious eye problem. This kind of eye problem in the United States affects approximately 2% of more than 62 people, which is one of the most common causes of loss of vision. In all age groups – although older people are at greater risk – glaucoma is now a disease group that damages the optic nerve and causes limited peripheral vision. Therefore, if not treated, glaucoma may lead to blindness. Most glaucoma is caused by intraocular pressure, but women develop more than normal glaucoma. That is why the test should measure intraocular pressure and examine the optic nerve. If you go early, you do not have to blur. Eye drops, laser treatments and surgeries control the condition of glaucoma in most cases.

Another type of severe eye problem is macular degeneration, which causes vision damage by destroying the middle part of the retina. It eliminates central vision and gradually makes driving, reading, and any other close work impossible. Although the cause is still unknown, genetic predisposition and family history have shown that it is more common in light eyes and smokers.

Finally, cataracts have a well-known eye problem, which is the cloudiness of the eyepiece, which usually affects more women than men, mainly because they live longer. But due to aging, ultraviolet light and smoking, every person must be aware of the risk of cataracts. Luckily, 20 and 30 minutes of surgical intervention will restore the view for both men and women by 95 percent.

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